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LED Headlights ! Excellent Value !

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LED Headlights ! Excellent Value !

Postby BamBam » Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:05 pm

Hi Folks !
I have a Victory Cross Roads Classic and wanted to improve the Headlights so they were brighter and cooler in colour just to match some other LED sidelights I had installed !
I first considered the Victory HID replacements but thought they were a Tad expensive with shipping from the US !
Then came across Paul P on YouTube ! He has done a few videos, but this one was for the Lights comparison ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efbV6e0O-ZQ
And then with the Victory HID bulbs in an additional Clip to follow ! https://youtu.be/wSietWfUj-c
Well you can watch them yourselves, no point me telling you, but the Bargain of the Bunch for Performance and Price were clearly the LED bulbs, which he actually opted for, for his High Beam !
I installed them both in my Standard Headlight as I dont have a Fairing like he does and had no problem at all ! Undid 4 Bolts to undo the top of the casing , undid the 4 bolts to gently remove the Light housing inside, so I could easily change the Bullbs and tidy the wiring, Set the LEDs vertically as from another post advice, but you can play with that, Double sided the slave units to the inside shell with the Tape provided and put it back together, and well pleased ! Almost twice as bright and Half the power consumption !
Currently USD50 free shipping, and if you click around in the site first you may get the pop up the 10% off box if you put your email address in ! So for $45.00 total, was an absolute bargain!
Well thats my two-penneth worth ! Best Regards and also Thanks to Paul P as he did all the work !
https://www.ledfactorymart.com/collecti ... hi-lo-beam

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